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Navy TWMS Requirements

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The U.S. Navy uses the Total Workforce Management Services (TWMS) database to manage and monitor personnel training, security, gains, losses, demographics, recruitment personnel actions, performance management systems and alpha rosters, among other activities. TWMS also hosts online training courses for military service members, and offers a platform for employees and their supervisors to address training and career plans and track their development.

How to Access TWMS

The self-service module in TWMS allows employees to view, print and update information in their record. To access the self-service module, employees must first obtain a valid common access card (CAC) and know their PIN. The personal information on an employee's CAC must match that on their TWMS for their to access the self-service module, and they must use a CAC-enabled computer.

Employees who have a valid CAC and PIN may access the TWMS self-service model by:

  • Inserting their CAC into their CAC reader.
  • Opening their internet browser and visiting the TWMS website at
  • Clicking "OK" at the client authentication dialog box and entering their CAC PIN, if prompted to do so.
  • Inputting the last four digits of their Social Security number when prompted.
  • Clicking "Submit."

Training With TWMS

TWMS users' available forms vary, depending on their military status. Active duty employees, for example, may update their information on the active duty employee general information form, among others. Civilian employees may update their information on their work history or general information forms, among others.

  • TWMS also features information regarding required employee training. To view this information, do the following:
  • See the navigation menu. Find and click on "Training/Educ/Certs & Skills."
  • From there, choose between six tabs: training, certifications, agreements, education, languages and skills. For training information, click "Training."
  • The training tab leads to completed training information by default. Users may choose between four additional tabs: training, training archive, training requirements and projected training. Click "Training Requirements" for information on upcoming required training.
  • TWMS now displays upcoming training requirements for the employee in question, including a due date and completion status.

Employees who must complete required training may do so through TWMS's online training and notices form. To do this, users may find the "Online Training & Notices" button on the navigation menu and click on the name of each course requirement to view which online courses would satisfy it. TWMS automatically updates training requirements as employees satisfy them.

Planning With TWMS

Many employees collaborate with their employers to create career plans through TWMS's individual development plan (IDP) feature. Users may take advantage of this feature by logging into their TWMS self-service account and clicking the "MyIDP" button, located in the navigation menu on the left-hand side of the screen. From there, they may type goals and objectives into the boxes provided to create an IDP.

Employees may enter short-term goals, which they aim to reach within one to two years. They may also enter long-term goals, which stretch over three to five years. To organize their plan to reach these goals, IDP users may enter objectives, or task statements intended to help the user meet his or her goals. Employees and their supervisors often collaborate on IDPs to make them as effective as possible.


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