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Interview Tips for Underwriter Positions

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Obtaining employment as an underwriter is a detailed process due to the amount of responsibility associated with the profession. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, an underwriter assesses and determines whether an insurance policy is provided, as well as the specific terms of the policy. An underwriter is responsible for analyzing the amount of risk and then acting accordingly. Important steps must be taken to adequately prepare for the interview.

Become Familiar With Required Skills

The underwriter is an important position that comes with a large amount of responsibility. During an interview, the employer will likely ask about specific credentials. Reviewing the necessary jobs skills and planning how to incorporate them into a description of past work experience are highly advisable.

The Job Interview website explains that an underwriter must possess excellent verbal and written communication skills, interpersonal skills, the ability to develop and maintain business relationships, and the ability to work and make decisions independently. Becoming familiar with the required skills will allow the individual to verbally present the skills in a professional and organized manner.

Think About Possible Underwriter Interview Questions

The interview for an underwriter position will contain questions that relate to the position itself, as well as the character and abilities of the individual seeking employment. The Human Resources website summarizes some of the possible questions. A series of questions will likely focus on why a career in insurance was pursued, in addition to the individual's knowledge of what the underwriter position entails.

The interviewer will ask about personal and career goals because that shows if the individual is organized and driven to succeed. Also, the interviewer will ask about the individual's strongest and weakest characteristics. An honest answer shows the individual is capable of self-assessment and recognizes areas that have room for improvement.

Arriving at and Completing the Interview

An individual should always arrive for the interview early to show the potential employer she is reliable and organized. A professional and clean appearance will create a solid first impression, which is important. The Insurance Job website explains that an employer wants to be confident in the individual who will represent a portion of the company through client interaction.

Questions should be answered in a clear and steady voice that projects confidence but not arrogance. Firmly combining all of the necessary preparation with a professional appearance and positive interaction ensures the individual has presented herself in the best way possible.