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Clinical Resource Nurse Job Description

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A clinical resource nurse is actually a registered nurse whose responsibilities exceed that of a normal registered nurse. Clinical resource nurses are normally responsible for the coordination of a clinical patient population.

Tasks and Duties

The main duties of a clinical resource nurse are to promote and maintain quality patient care, manage nursing operations, assist in teaching nursing staff and enforce procedures, policies, practices and standards of the facility.

Qualifications and Training

A bachelor's degree in nursing is preferred for this field, as well as a graduate degree from an accredited nursing school. A clinical resource nurse should have excellent oral and written communication skills, interpersonal skills, leadership skills and managerial skills. A license is also required prior to becoming a clinical resource nurse.


The average salary of a clinical resource nurse is $81,586. However, salaries depend on the size of the facility or hospital, professional experience and educational experience.

Physical Demands

The physical demands that a clinical resource nurse has to deal with are standing for long periods of time and walking around the facility for the majority of the day.

Work Environment

The work environment for a clinical resource nurse is normally in a medical center or a health center. These environments are normally fast-paced.