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Gym Receptionist Duties

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If you are physically fit and have excellent interpersonal skills, you are well-suited to the position of gym receptionist. You may or may not have post-secondary education and previous reception experience. But a pleasant, outgoing personality and willingness to learn on the job will go far in a gym environment.

Greeting Members

Working in a highly visible area, you welcome each member and visitor to the gym. You carefully monitor access to the building and report any suspicious activity. You are well-acquainted with all gym staff and procedures and can easily direct newcomers. You greet regular customers by name and provide a friendly, helpful ear when necessary.

Answering Telephones

Despite the widespread use of voice mail and answering machines, most gyms require their receptionists to answer all phone calls. Your pleasant and professional telephone voice puts the caller at ease as you address his issue or direct the call to the appropriate staff member. Most calls involve general information inquiries, appointments and cancellations. Occasionally you might encounter difficult callers who vent their anger and frustration on the telephone.

General Office Duties

During less busy times of the day, you may be asked to perform general office duties. These could involve receiving and sorting mail, collecting and distributing parcels, emailing and faxing written correspondence, and filing and updating the calendar. You must also maintain a tidy reception area, ensuring that brochures and products are properly displayed.


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