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Types of Customer Service Achievements

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Customer-service skills are useful across industries and are highly valued by businesses in a competitive marketplace. Defining achievements can be difficult because in most customer-service positions you are successfully performing one type of transaction throughout the day, every day, and are not able to identify the skill sets used. Recognizing customer-service achievements creates a solid foundation for career advancement.

Sales Goals & Quotas

Organizations often have sales goals or quotas to meet within a workday. Meeting sales goals and quotas is proof that you can sell, interact with customers to find products that meet their needs, and recognize the company's business agenda. As a customer-service professional, meeting sales goals and quotas displays your achievement and supports them clearly through numbers. For example, making the statement, "I consistently met a $10,000 shoe sales quota each week on a part-time schedule," is proof of solid sales achievement.

Customer Satisfaction

Customer satisfaction is an achievement many customer-service professionals strive for. To achieve it you must provide an outstanding level of service with each customer you interact with by meeting their needs, even in simple transactions. To show your achievements, invite the customer to use the tools to report it. In retail, call center, and customer-facing customer-service positions, businesses may initiate surveys with customers, and after every transaction you should invite the customer to complete the survey, especially if there is a customer incentive for providing feedback. The customer-satisfaction achievement shows you are able to meet customer needs and retain his attention beyond the transaction.

Team support

Team support is being the stand-out person that meets business goals and has a strong customer-satisfaction record, and that also supports team members by helping them achieve the same goals. It is important to point out that team-support achievement must be accompanied by that person's ability to achieve other sales and customer-service goals consistently. Employees will not recognize co-workers who offer insight but do not completely fulfill their own job duties. However, they will gladly point out individuals they see as pace-setters who support them in excelling within their business. Achieving outstanding team support is an indicator of supervisory, team lead, or training skills.


Consistency is providing the same high level of service that generates sales, satisfies the customers, and supports the team all the time every time. Consistency should never be overlooked when striving to achieve customer-service excellence. It is the key indicator that you are a valuable team player that is dependable and trustworthy and can perform in all situations that arise, even the most difficult. In choosing the best person for top raises, promotions, or new positions, a customer-service professional's ability to consistently achieve can be the overall deciding factor.


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