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How to Answer What Your Biggest Strength Is in a Sales Job

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Employers look for several qualities in an ideal salesperson. Sales isn't just about being aggressive or persuasive. To have a successful sales career, it takes a certain amount of finesse combined with consistent follow through. While there are numerous strengths you could present during a sales interview, a few stand out.


To close deals, a salesperson has to be able to handle and bounce back from frustration. Sales agents are rejected on a consistent basis, and often treated rudely. You have to accept this and deal with it in a positive manner. Let the interviewer know that one of your strengths is perseverance. Companies want to know that their sales reps are not bothered by rejection, overly sensitive to criticism or apt to give up if things don't go their way. Use examples from previous jobs to demonstrate that perseverance is one of your strengths. For example, you might describe how you were rejected several times by the same prospect but remained in contact with her and eventually won her business.


As a salesperson, you won't make it far if you are too introverted. All kinds of personality types make up successful salespeople. You don't have to be loud or aggressive, but you do have to be comfortable calling on people and interacting with them on a daily basis. To sell a product or service, you must be adept at connecting with potential clients and growing your relationship with them. You must also know how to build trust in those relationships, as trustworthiness goes along way in securing a customer's business. During the interview, you might say that you are comfortable approaching prospects, skilled at putting them at ease, and confident in your ability to convince them that your product or service can improve their lives or businesses.

Good Study Habits

A successful sales rep must have deep knowledge of her company's product or service, as well as the products and services offered by competitors. A potential employer appreciates the fact that you take initiative in learning more about the company and its products. It's hard to sell a product that you don't really know anything about. When you are informed, you can answer your clients' questions on the spot and help them make an informed purchase more quickly. In the interview, say that you are a fast and willing learner who will put in the time to get a full understanding of the company's products and services.

Follow Through

Sales are lost on missed opportunities created by poor communication. Potential customers can contact you through multiple mediums, including email, phone, website contact forms, texting and social media platforms. Let the interviewer know that you are adept at all forms of communication and can keep up with an onslaught of leads. Describe a system that works for you where you don't drop the ball in following up with clients. It could be a check-and-balance system in your digital calendar, or an alarm system that alerts you when a client or potential client is trying to reach you.


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