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Top Signs of a Good Team Worker

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Important ingredients for a successful team include common goals, effective conflict resolution, trust, common approach to tasks and relevant skills and resources. These ingredients exist in team players, even when all members of the team have different roles to fulfill. As a team player, you should contribute your strengths to the collective creativity and energy of the team. Regardless of the differing characteristics of team players, certain qualities distinguish good team players from the rest.

Excellent Communicator

A good team worker possesses excellent communication skills that allows for ideas to be put forth clearly. His words aren't confounding, but convincing. Such a person is sensible when it comes to hearing the ideas of others and will select words carefully to communicate thoughts. Solid team players enhance communication within the team by asking constructive questions regarding projects. Team players appreciate questions from other members, which demonstrate teamwork skills.


Solid team players display their flexibility through willingness to accept changes in the team. They understand that the team may encounter changes as time passes. Groups may need to make adjustments for the departure of some team members, changes in budget plans or arrival of new members. For flexible team members, such changes are often a great chance to display and sharpen their skills. Staying flexible and accepting these changes allow team players to take advantage of new opportunities that may arise in the group.


When tasks are delegated to individual members, a good team player must be reliable in delivering the finished task. They will keep their commitment to finish by, or even before, the given deadline. Reliability also requires a great team player to be consistent in his productivity, which requires him to produce consistent quality work. In contrast, those who are not consistent will lose the confidence of other team members and be regarded as unreliable. Being unreliable halts the progress of completing tasks.


Loyalty is an important sign that a person is a good team player. A loyal team member can be trusted and does not break the confidence of the team by doing things such as sharing confidential information to outside members. They might be friends with members outside of their given team, but they will know when it is or isn't appropriate to discuss business matters. A loyal member does not share the personal secrets of team members with other colleagues.

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