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Definition of "Team Morale"

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Team morale means that self-esteem, assurance, confidence, drive, humor and a good outlook are in abundant supply within a group. When a team exhibits good morale, there is excitement and enthusiasm generated, as well as an optimistic approach toward the team effort and motivation. Managing by reward rather than punishment keeps team morale high, according to

State of Mind

Morale is a state of mind. It is based on usefulness, purpose, a sense of confidence and the spirit of an entire group that makes the group and individual want to succeed, explains Schuler Solutions.

When Morale Breaks Down

A team that is committed to the same goals and purposes and works together has good morale. If a breakdown occurs within the group, team morale as well as momentum can disappear. Team morale can be negatively affected if there is a lack of chemistry among the members. Poor communication can destroy morale. When a team cohesively works together deciding on goals, outcomes, deadlines, schedules and what they collectively hope to achieve, morale should remain good. If the team is not working together, morale will disappear, according to Schuler Solutions.

Supporting Members explains that in order for morale to remain high, a team must behave like a team. Each member is accountable for his actions to the other members. In addition, team members must support one another and bolster a member when his energy or desire is flagging. A successful team must develop its own method of supporting each team member and energizing the group.

Low Morale

When team or group morale is low, this is problematic. Low morale may be the result of poor leadership and work conditions, or the work environment may not foster enthusiasm and positive energy. Purpose and direction may be lacking, explains A. J. Schuler, Psy. D. If the team loses confidence in its leadership either because it believes the leaders are dishonest or inept, adjustments need to be made.


If an individual works very hard yet has no hope of advancing, this creates low morale, notes Schuler Solutions. Leaders must make an effort to let employees know that their work is appreciated and that what the individual is doing does make a difference. A pat on the back is welcome by almost everyone.

Ensuring Team Morale

To ensure team morale, make efforts to foster an environment that is attendant to the needs of all employees. This creates an atmosphere where individuals feel that they are a part of something, can experience personal growth and have direction and purpose.


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