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How to Evaluate Teamwork

Evaluation of teamwork involves analyzing the team as a whole and the individual members that make up the team. Teamwork effectiveness depends primarily on the team's organizational effectiveness. Every team must have an authority that guides it to its ultimate goal in sports, the workplace or educational activities. Efficient and effective teamwork goes beyond individual accomplishments.

Identify the team's goals. Team goals should be clearly defined and call for a specific performance objective.

Evaluate the team's result-driven structure. The team should be capable of operating in a manner that produces successful results through developing its own structure.

Identify competent team members. All team members should have the knowledge necessary to accomplish the task the goal at hand.

Identify the team's unified commitment. This does not necessarily mean that team members must agree on everything but rather that they are committed to working together for the same goal.

Evaluate the collaborative climate of the team. Trust is essential between team members, and they will fail without it.