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Requirements in Germany for Cosmetology

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Becoming a kosmetiker, or cosmetologist, in Germany is a three-year process that requires dedication to complete. Before the training is complete, cosmetology students will be well-versed in every aspect of cosmetology from safety and style to trends and sales techniques. When the training has been successfully completed, you will be ready for a career as a cosmetologist in Germany.

Cosmetology Equipment

Before receiving a license in cosmetology, all students are required to take several courses on operating and using cosmetology equipment and instruments. This training includes learning how to appropriately disinfect and sterilize all instruments that require such care. Items that are shared among patrons must be cleaned, sterilized and disinfected and this portion of cosmetology training in Germany is mandatory for all students. In addition, students also get trained on keeping the work area neat and organized in compliance with hygiene regulations.

Customer Service

Cosmetology schools in Germany add sales and customer service as a part of the training curriculum to ensure students have every skill to succeed. Students must learn cosmetology inventory as well as the different services and products offered. Training includes receiving and making customer calls for appointments and new products. The customer service training also includes dealing with complaints from customers as well as cashier training.

Cosmetology Training

The most extensive requirement for cosmetology students in Germany deals with the art of cosmetology. Students must learn to assess the customer's skin-care needs before beginning any treatment process. Throughout the three-year program, students will spend 29 weeks learning the various methods for cleansing different skin types. The program also includes learning about the different cosmetics used in the field of cosmetology for hair removal, facials, hand and nail care, eyebrow and eyelash dying, curling, and lengthening. Students also receive 11 weeks of training on how to advise customers on the impact diet has on achieving healthy hair and skin.


All cosmetology students in Germany must undergo training for safety and health issues common in the field. In addition to sterilizing and disinfecting cosmetology equipment, students must take a course on occupational safety so they learn the most common dangers in the field of cosmetology and take precautions to avoid them. Safety training includes understanding the environmental impact of using certain products, and how to safely dispose of those items.


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