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Games for Cosmetology Students

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Cosmetology students must master the fine art of creating beauty. Making beautiful hair, makeup, and nail styles happen takes a lot of training and can be much more difficult than it looks. Cosmetology students should take some time to play a few fun cosmetology games with each other. These games will help give them real-world practice, as well as providing a fun break from the classroom routine.

Fun Nails

Cosmetology students must learn how to trim, file, and color nails. Learning how to do this can take practice. Practice your nail skills on each other with this easy-to-play game. Preparation is necessary for this game. Students should let their nails grow out for a few weeks without coloring or trimming them. Due to the preparation time, this game can serve as a great lead-in to final exams. Pair up your students. Each student is given access to all the nail styling tools they need including trimmers, filers, and nail polish. Each team picks a starting student. Give each starting student ten minutes to create the most unique nail style on her partner's hands. Suggest using multiple colors and stickers to help the nails stick out. After the ten minutes has passed, give the other teammates a chance to prepare their partner’s nails. Vote on the best nail style. Give the winning team a small prize.

Hairstyles of the Stars

Celebrity hairstyles often cause trends that can sweep the nation. Many people will come to a hair salon looking to emulate their favorite celebrity’s hairstyle. Learning to make celebrity hairstyles will help you become a successful cosmetologist. Split your students up into teams of two. Pick two or three teams at random to start. The starting team number depends on your hairstyling equipment. Each team should have access to all of the tools necessary for hairstyling, such as combs, scissors, sinks, dryers and curlers. Each team picks a starting student. The starting student picks a hairstyle she wants her partner to create on her head. This must be a celebrity hairstyle. Teams are given one half-hour to create this hairstyle. Bring in new teams as long as possible. Take pictures of all the hairstyles. Play this game every day until every student has created a hairstyle and had a picture taken. Vote on the best hairstyle. Reward the winner.

Silly Makeup

Cosmetologists must master the craft of applying makeup to their clients. Balancing makeup can be a fine art. Too much makeup can look tacky, while too little doesn’t emphasize the looks enough. Learning how not to apply makeup can actually help your students learn the proper application methods. Pair up your students and give each team a complete makeup kit. This should include multiple makeup colors, eyelash modifying equipment, and any other equipment they need. Give teams five minutes to create the worst makeup jobs they can, trying to make their work look as funny as possible. Once everyone has finished, take pictures of the makeup jobs. Vote on the funniest makeup the next day in class. Reward the winner.


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