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Top 10 Home Jobs for Women

Growth Trends for Related Jobs

Women seeking work-at-home jobs will find many opportunities online. Most such jobs can be located by spending just a few minutes exploring a search engine, but you should exercise caution in your quest. It is estimated that for every legitimate job advertised on the Internet there are 50 to 100 scams. You should not expect high pay for most online jobs, but a few can provide a viable income.

Call Center Representative

Many large companies hire work-at-home telephone operators to either take orders, make sales calls or act as customer service representatives. All that is generally required is a dedicated telephone line, a computer and an Internet connection.

Online Tutor

Online tutors assist students from elementary to graduate school. The most sought-after tutors are accomplished in math, the hard sciences and foreign languages.


Translators fluent in two or more languages are in demand both on and offline. Your job will often be to translate audio files or transcripts from one language to another. Online translating is one of the fastest-growing and most lucrative work-at-home professions available.

Web Designer

Web designers are often hired by firms specializing in page hosting, coding and template modification. The field has become very competitive due to an increasing familiarity in the public domain with HTML language. Web design positions are prevalent--if not terribly lucrative.

Medical Transcriptionist

At-home transcriptionists are utilized by doctors, therapists and any medical professional who must deal with insurance companies. The most successful medical transcriptionists are fast, accurate typists acquainted with medical terminology.


Childcare is one of the few at-home jobs that does not involve online expertise. Working parents always need reliable individuals to care for their children, and individuals with a childhood education degree, government-approved certifications and licenses, and verifiable references are consistently in demand.

Writers and Editors

Editors and writers comprise a huge segment of the at-home workforce. Companies that provide online content to major websites hire thousands of writers and editors--though the pay is generally low by historical freelance standards. Experience at a traditional newspaper or magazine will increase your chances of being hired by a content provider.

Accounting and Bookkeeping

Small businesses often hire independent contractors to manage payroll and taxes. If you are a CPA (Certified Public Accountant), you can earn a very good living preparing annual IRS tax returns for individuals and businesses.

Virtual Assistants

Small businesses that can't afford full-time employees often hire virtual assistants. Those who wish to enter this field should be capable of completing tasks that cover the gamut from setting appointments and collecting overdue bills to ordering flowers and making restaurant reservations. A dedicated phone line and computer with Internet connection are necessities.

Tech Support

Computers can break down at any time of the day or night, and companies specializing in IT (Internet Technology) hire countless numbers of both online and telephone tech support experts. Of course, you must be extremely knowledgeable when it comes to computers to make this a successful career.