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Duties of a Safety Committee

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Safety committees are usually composed of staff members from administrative, nursing, medical, and other departments. The main purpose of the committee is to help management improve safety and health in the workplace. It normally meets on a regular basis, usually monthly, to address and investigate safety issues and concerns.

Inspections and Investigations

Safety committees are responsible for inspecting facilities and reviewing the results of those inspections. They perform investigations of accidents and incidents, and determine the causes and how to prevent them in the future.

Sometimes, possibly hazardous conditions are brought to the attention of committee members, and these allegations are then investigated by the safety committee.

Increase Safety Awareness and Training

Safety committees promote safety issues and communicate with employees to increase safety awareness and decrease the number of accidents that may occur. They may do this by planning different kinds of safety activities.

Members of a safety committee may also be responsible for training employees in safety practices This may involve emergency response training for all departments, including periodic fire drills.

Records and Recommendations

Safety committee often keep written records about safety and health issues in the workplace, and make them available to affected employees. Safety committees may submit help managers evaluate safety suggestions made by employees.

Replacing and Restocking Supplies

The safety committee is responsible for replacing or restocking first-aid supplies on a regular basis.