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What Careers With a General Business Degree?

Growth Trends for Related Jobs

Earning a degree in general business, usually a bachelor of arts in business administration (BABA), gives you a great foundation for all aspects of business. From management to marketing, finance to human resources, you already know how a business runs, generally speaking. You can put this knowledge to work in a variety of positions within a company, many of which are managerial.

General Manager

A general manager's main responsibility is to ensure that his store is running smoothly and maximizing profit. A general manager is necessary in almost every industry, from food service to retail, to coordinate members of lower-level management and give directions coming from top management. The health of the store as a whole is ultimately the responsibility of the general manager. Duties include setting goals for individual departments, personnel management, delegating and leading. The general manager must understand financial statements and make adjustments to increase the bottom line. Hours are usually long. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), the median annual salary of general managers was $91,570 in 2008, although this depends greatly on industry and experience level.

Nonprofit Organization Director

If you have a passion for a particular cause, like reducing homelessness or rescuing animals, you may choose to forego a high salary and work for a nonprofit organization. Although the monetary reward is lower than other jobs, the role you play in helping a cause of your choice can go a long way. The director of a small charitable organization fulfills a variety of functions to cut costs. These include organizing staff, fund raising, spreading awareness of the cause, managing money and putting together events. A larger nonprofit may have different positions for each of these activities, depending on how much money the organization has.

Marketing Director

Because you've had several courses in marketing, you should have basic knowledge of tactics to use to generate new business and increase awareness of a company. Marketing managers develop strategies to advertise new products, including setting price points based on profit goals; research the market to determine who the customers are and where they buy; advise on new product development; and monitor lower level employees to ensure proper implementation of the marketing plan. Travel and working under pressure are commonplace. The BLS reports that marketing managers had a median annual salary of $108,580 in 2008. Again, experience is necessary for entry into top positions in respected companies.