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List of Careers for the Self-Employed

Growth Trends for Related Jobs

Self-employment allows an individual to be her own boss, set her own hours and manage her own time. While self-employment comes with risks and a self-managed environment is not for everyone, an individual can make a living while working for herself. People who wish to be self-employed can choose from a wide range of careers.

Freelance Writer

Though many people think of writing as a career for novelists, many opportunities are available for writing short informational articles, longer journalistic pieces and pieces with an advertising bent to promote different products or services. A freelance writer must work to find work on a regular basis, but he can do that work from home with an Internet connection and on his own schedule.

At-Home Call Center

People who prefer to work at home can also find work at call centers. While the calls will be routed from a specific company, the call center representative decides how much he will work and when. The positions typically involve being a contract worker who is paid by the hour, and it allows the worker to set his own hours and to build his own schedule. Working as an at home call center representative requires good communication skills and the ability to stay on task.


The Internet has made it significantly easier for an artist to make contacts and sell her work. Sites like eBay and Etsy allow artists to place their work online to be seen by a wide variety of people. Both fine artists and commercial artists can make a living on contract work and by taking commissions. An artist must build a following and be reliable, but is able to spend her time being creative.

Contract Work

Some people can find self-employment through putting their talents to work for other people. Setting up a web page with examples of your work is a good way to generate interest in your services. Contract work is available in areas such as website design, photography, fashion, business consultation and administrative support. A successful contract worker in these fields will have good social ability and dedication to clients. Networking and time-management are essential skills for doing contract work.