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A List of Multimedia Jobs

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The term multimedia is defined by UniXl as "a combination of elements such as music, lighting, computer-generated graphics and video used for purposes of entertainment, presentation, advertising, or public relations." This highly creative career path makes use of all current technology. Many companies hire multimedia professionals to create presentations for use in sales and advertising of their products.


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One of the key areas for use of multimedia is in sales presentations. Products and services can be conveyed in a dynamic presentation that shows products being used and services being performed. Potential buyers get a realistic view of their potential purchase. A presentation such as this is particularly effective when the product or service is sold at a high price point. An experienced sales professional who becomes proficient in creating multimedia presentations can be a valuable resource for large companies.

Video Games

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The video game industry is the perfect environment for a multimedia professional. Video games make use of all aspects of multimedia technology. Incorporating lighting, design, sound and visual effects are crucial components to creating successful video games.

Multimedia Events Planner

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Multimedia is used in many types of events in today's corporate world, ranging from videoconferencing among remote offices to a destination event. A combination of strong multitasking skills and knowledge of the technical aspects of multimedia would provide a solid foundation for this job. Some travel might be required to ensure the site is properly set up, that equipment arrives and that everything works as it should.