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Army Supply Sergeant Duties

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Army supply sergeants provide soldiers with everything they need to do their jobs, from weapons to notepads to mosquito nets. When a new person arrives at a company, the supply sergeant makes sure she has the gear she needs to be part of that unit. This job suits detail-oriented people who get along well with others.

Obtaining Supplies

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An Army supply sergeant receives supplies, inspects them for damage and inventories them. This can include traveling to a warehouse to pick up supplies or accepting supplies when they are delivered to the unit.

Tracking Supplies

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The supply sergeant enters data into a computer so he can keep track of the supplies he has received. Depending on the unit, the supply sergeant could be responsible for equipment worth thousands of dollars, including computers, radios and cell phones.

Issuing Supplies

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When a soldier needs something, such as a clipboard or a can of bug spray, she visits the supply sergeant's office. Before she can walk away with the item, she must sign for it. The supply sergeant then notates that item in his database so he knows when he needs to order more.

Maintaining Weapons

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Every unit has weapons, ranging from M-4 semi-automatic rifles to M-60 automatic rifles to M-203 grenade launchers. The supply sergeant makes sure those weapons work properly and are stored securely. She also issues weapons when troops go to the range to practice or when they deploy on a mission and ensures that weapons are clean when they are returned.

Staying Fit

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Just as with any job in the Army, a supply sergeant must stay physically fit as part of his job. Depending on the unit, that often means running every morning with other soldiers, as well as performing push-ups and sit-ups.