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Duties & Responsibilities of a Squad Leader

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Military squad leaders have responsibilities to troops under them beyond just giving orders. A squad leader must have a finger on the pulse of his unit from the emotional well-being of his soldiers to the way soldiers are interacting with one another. He must also be an example for younger soldiers to look up to, a military ideal that troops under his command can learn from.

Mission Duties

It is the responsibility of the military squad leader to see that mission objectives are carried out and that each solider under his command understands his role in that mission and carries out his duties to the best of his ability. For example, if enemy contact is expected during the mission, the squad leader must outline each squad member's duties in fire support, under what condition regrouping is to be conducted and where the rally point for the mission is located.

Reporting to Superiors

Squad leaders must compile reports deliverable to superior officers about the unit's operations in the field each time the squad goes out on patrol or on missions. Reports must contain detailed accounts of encounters with enemy elements and the public as well as the conduct of the squad leader's team and his personal assessments of each soldier's performance. These reports can be used in determining field promotions for soldiers and awarding medals as the result of bravery in the field.

Equipment Maintenance

A squad leader is responsible for ensuring all unit equipment is maintained in working order. This includes any vehicles that are under the unit's care. He must submit work orders for repairs of all vehicles and ensure that each unit member's weapons and other equipment such as communication equipment are within operational parameters. Failure to perform regular maintenance checks of equipment can result in failure at the wrong moment such as a combat situation. Such mistakes can cost a soldier his life.


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