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Technical Assistant Duties

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Technical assistants offer ongoing support to make sure developments of a client company’s business model are handled efficiently. The main responsibility of a technical assistant is to provide advice, assistance and training relevant to the installation, functioning and ongoing maintenance of equipment or software. Technical assistants are employed in a range of industries, from manufacturing to media to software development.

Administrative Role

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A technical assistant provides support for technical staff by reviewing incoming mail and determining an appropriate course of action. Technical assistants need to prepare correspondence to delegate technical tasks to other employees so they need to possess good writing skills and a solid grasp of mathematics. A technical assistant is also responsible for transcribing any corporate strategies from higher management and finalizing draft documents. He will also proofread instruction manuals and services manuals relating to the implementation of new machinery or computer software to ensure accuracy. Technical assistants also produce all relevant documentation whenever a design model is modified, and are responsible for coordinating off-site travel plans and appointments.

Communications Role

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Technical assistants should possess excellent communication skills as they are expected to provide efficient assistance to both internal and external customers, as indicated on the HR Management website. They often work in conjunction with the quality assurance department, consistently addressing any anomalies in a product's key specifications or efficiency levels. Technical assistants also conduct ongoing analysis of product research results and utilize their findings to report to higher management or relevant departments on any barriers to continuing progression. A technical assistant should be adept at liaising with various departments, accepting criticism and reworking a design implementation to suit business needs. She should also be able to communicate with employees from all levels of a business and field inquiries from the public on technical issues relating to a product or service.

Specific Skills

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Technical assistants are required to continually assess a product’s performance level to ensure the design and functionality meet predetermined criteria. A technical assistant will typically need to be proficient in maintaining accurate digital records in the form of databases, spreadsheets or key technical files via set automated systems. A technical assistant will also need to be adept at identifying any barriers to a product’s development and liaise with suppliers to buy relevant tools and design blueprints for development purposes where necessary. He will also need to assist with technical sales, and approve the design specifications of any new product development.Technical assistants are often employed in the IT and business sector, and are expected to be skilled in various computer applications and software systems. They are expected to have a broad knowledge of the operations of various departments and how these may conflict with one another. Anyone wishing to pursue a career as a technical assistant will typically require an industry-relevant degree and up to 3 years of office-based administrative work experience.


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