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Objectives of Technical Writing

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Technical writing encompasses design documentation, user guides, reference and installation manuals, help desk sheets, tutorials, online documentation and any content which is technical in nature. With the emergence of increasingly varied users, audiences and customers of technical material and content, the roles of technical writers are being redefined accordingly. Therefore, technical writers need to keep some key objectives in mind to produce precise, compelling and succinct technical communication material.

Understanding Format Requirements

With the advent of the computing age and the proliferation of consumer electronics and Web 2.0 technologies, technical material is now produced in various formats and for various mediums. Understanding formats and the requisite tools to produce content for a particular format or medium is important.

Gleaning Information Intelligently

Gleaning information intelligently and collaborating with subject matter experts, developers, product designers, technical architects, engineers etc. is the key to developing the right kind of technical writing in any format and for any medium.

Structuring Information

Structuring or classifying original matter from experts and product developers and research information from other sources is vital for the logical flow of the end format material.

Conveying Message to Audiences

Any form of technical writing has to communicate clearly and effectively to customers, end users and other audiences.

Articulating Subject Matter Lucidly

Lucid, accurate and clear explanation of the subject matter or product description showcases the skills of an expert technical writer.


Based out of the metropolitan Washington D.C. area, Pallab Dutta has written on business, technology and management issues since 1994. He has freelanced for “The Wall Street Journal," “The Economic Times” and “The Times of India." Dutta holds a Bachelor of Science in economics from Bombay University and a Diploma in modern information systems from IIT Bombay.

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