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Good Careers for Shy People

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Shyness can make many normal tasks in life, such as finding a job, excruciatingly difficult. When you're shy, the very idea of having to work with others on a daily basis is often enough to send you into panic mode. This might make you feel unemployable, but there are actually a number of professions ideally suited for people who are shy.


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If numbers are your thing, you can work in the financial world and still maintain your status as an introvert. Shy people excel in careers as actuaries, accountants, financial analysts, credit analysts and auditors. These are all careers with plenty of behind the scenes positions where you are dealing with more research and paperwork than the meeting and greeting of clients.


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Technology is a field that is jam packed with positions for the shy and socially awkward. This is largely because there are so many positions in which you can work behind the scenes, independently. Software engineers, engineering technicians and computer systems analysts are all among the jobs shy people can shine at.

Health Care

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If health care interests you, you're in luck, because it is one of the most thriving fields of employment, and there are a host of jobs for shy individuals. When you think of health care jobs, your mind often goes to the care staff that deal with people one-on-one, but the people behind the scenes are just as essential. Lab technicians, pharmacists, medical transcriptionists, medical equipment preparers and medical researchers are the support team for direct care staff. In addition to this, many shy people do well in one-on-one positions like anesthesiologists, nutritionists and home health aides.

Marketing and Sales

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The networking and teamwork environment often associated with marketing and sales can seem overwhelming to a shy person. However, if the field interests you, there are a few positions ideally suited for shy people. Introverts tend to do well in positions that require concentration and focus, such as marketing research analysts, Internet marketing analysts, marketing copywriters and technical writers.


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If you're shy, being a elementary school teacher or principal may not be ideal because of the amount of interaction required with parents and students. That said, there are jobs within the education field that are ideally suited for educators that are a bit more hands off. Librarians, college professors, guidance counselors and archivists tend to be good careers for shy people.

Creative Design

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If you are creative, there are plenty of jobs that will suit you as a shy person. Introverts work well in careers as editors, graphic designers, web developers, freelance writers, copywriters, industrial designers and landscape architects. These jobs allow you to channel your creativity in a more solitary environment.

Blue Collar

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Looking for a job that requires only technical school training, or no training at all, can be difficult for shy people. However, introverts can find jobs that don't require a four year degree. For instance, you may find work as a postal carrier or automotive technician.