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Jobs for People Over 70 Years of Age

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It's a cliche, but completely true: Age is just a number. If you've found yourself at "retirement age" but still want or need to work, don't let that number hold you back. You have quite a few job options for employment if you're over 70.

Personal and Home Care Aide

In this position, you'd help elderly, disabled or ill people with everyday tasks, including grocery shopping, meal preparation, bathing, getting dressed and light housework. This is a great option for meaningful part-time work, because you'll be providing care and companionship to someone who needs it.

You can find these types of positions through home-care agencies or at hospice facilities. The average wage is $11.56 per hour, and you may require a certified nursing assistant certification, along with CPR training and a valid driver's license.

Librarian Assistant

If you love books and working with people, this might be the perfect position for you. You'd work at a library assisting customers with their questions, organizing books, working point of sale and handling paperwork. Schedules vary, so check with local public libraries as well as those on university campuses to see what jobs they have available and what the hours look like. Pay varies widely as well, though positions like these earn $11.77 per hour on average.

If you have past experience working in libraries or have a degree in library science, that's a plus. The position might also give you the opportunity to brush up on your digital skills, as librarian assistants often use word processing, data entry and online research skills in their day-to-day tasks.

Tax Preparer

If you're more of a numbers person, consider a position like this. Preparers don't necessarily have to have a degree in accounting, but it could be helpful. Otherwise, you have to pass a competency exam and take a few continuing education courses.

Large tax firms hire thousands of tax preparers for tax season each year, so if you're willing to put in the time to pass the exam and take the courses, you'll have your work cut out for you. Tax preparers can make hourly wages as high as $35.

Casino Worker

Maybe now's the time to pursue that job you always thought looked cool in the movies but probably wasn't "practical" for real life. Casino work puts you right in the middle of local nightlife, and it keeps you thinking on your feet. (It keeps you walking on your feet, as well – something to note in case you have physical limitations.)

Casino workers need state licensing, which requires a photo ID and fee. You can make as much as $25 per hour in a position like this.

Nonprofit Fundraiser

Take this time to do something that matters. Make your mark on a nonprofit by hosting events, applying for grants and writing fundraising letters. If you previously held a career in sales, public relations or marketing, you're probably cut out perfectly for a job like this, and you can make more than $80 an hour doing it.


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