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How to Write a CV for a Teacher Job With No Teaching Experience

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Teachers using a curriculum vitae, or CV, in lieu of a resume usually seek positions requiring a master's or doctoral degree. Teaching candidates at this level focus the content of the CV on noteworthy experience and accomplishments. However, if you have no teaching experience, you can still craft an effective CV.

Curriculum Vitae Vs. Resume

A CV differs from a resume in length, depth and data. A resume measures one to two pages long. Your CV can stretch five pages, maybe more depending on your career level. When crafting a CV, focus on game-changing career highlights, publications, professional memberships and research breakthroughs that impact your industry. A resume displays accomplishments too, but a CV displays accomplishments that relate to your overall profession, not just your current job.

No Teaching Experience

If you have no teaching experience, you must prove to your potential employers that you're an expert in your chosen academic field and that you have the ability to instruct. List your best accomplishments – those that transformed operations – of the positions you've held that relate to the subject you wish to teach. For example, if you ran your own business and you wish to teach business and finance, make sure you list successes that relate to profit growth, organizational change and strategic planning. Also highlight positions such as consulting work that include advising others on career expansion.


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