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What Are the Duties of a Public Officer?

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Public officers come in a variety of forms, working for both private companies and government organizations. These duties vary for each place and organization where a public officer may work. These duties are also based on laws, which vary for public officers from country to country.

Company Tax Officer

In South Africa, major corporations which operate within the country are required to hire a public officer to monitor all their tax payments to the government to ensure everything is done correctly and legally. These public officers are required to monitor the income tax affairs of the company for both owners and employees, ensuring the employees receive all the necessary information and answering any questions either the employees or the company itself may have. They also work with the government to help determine the tax liability of the corporate entity.

Parking Officer

In many different countries, parking officers are public officers hired by a city or municipality to enforce parking rules on the road. Among many different reasons for their job, parking officers ensure cars are legally parked so roadways are not blocked, disabled people can easily park in designated spaces or there is always space for fire engines to park and fight fires if one were to occur. When cars are parked illegally, they are required to write tickets and place them on cars which citizens must pay to the city. It is a necessary but thankless job as a public officer.

Community Organization Public Officer

In a variety of communities around the world, public officers are named in community organizations to be the face and voice of the organization, announcing decisions to both the general public and the government in the area. These announcements can be done through the media via press releases or by having open organizational meetings which anyone can attend. The public officer is responsible for putting the best face possible on the organization, but also for being honest with both the public and the local government.


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