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Public Administrator Job Description

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Public administrators implement policies set by civil servants and elected officials. As a part of a government's executive branch, these individuals oversee and manage nearly all aspects of public service on the local, state and federal levels.


Public administrators coordinate the organization of all governmental departments. They implement policies, oversee all personnel matters, develop annual budgets and serve as liaisons with other governments, businesses and agencies.

Education and Experience

Most employers require that a prospective administrator have at least a bachelor's degree in public administration and a minimum of three to five years experience with related work or training.

Knowledge and Abilities

Public administrators must have a keen knowledge of all regulations and ordinances relating to their governmental bodies. Job candidates must have good communication and analytical skills, as well as the ability to develop cost-effective alternatives.

Work Environment

Administrative personnel spend considerable time in an office environment working with computers and communicating with others by phone or in person. From time to time, meeting attendance is required on evenings or weekends.


Salaries and benefits for public administrators depend upon the political entity for which each individual works. According to an Ashland, Oregon compensation package, the position offers a monthly car allowance, administrative leave and a starting salary of $10,023 per month.


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