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Public Administration Career Objectives

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Public administrators are considered public servants. They are charged with implementing and managing public services and policy initiatives in the most effective and efficient manner possible. You can find these administrators in all levels of government and in nonprofit organizations. Public administrators are also employed in hospitals, universities and even within private organizations in the area of government relations.

Commitment to Public Service

As a public administrator your primary objective is to serve the public. Whether you're an elected official in a local municipality, the executive director of a nonprofit or the government relations executive in a private company, members of the public depend on you to represent and serve them and expect you to bring commitment and dedication to the job.


Public administrators lead nations, states and cities. They also lead hospitals, universities and nonprofit organizations. On a smaller scale they lead projects, programs and policy initiatives. As a result, public administrators should embody characteristics that represent leadership. These characteristics include integrity, dedication, creativity, assertiveness and vision.

Knowledge of Public Policy

Public policy is government's way of addressing public needs and issues. These include health care, education, housing and help for groups such as elderly people and homeless people. As a public administrator you must have knowledge of policy issues related to the field in which you work to effectively implement programs that address your specific policy issues.

Project and Program Management

Public administrators manage programs of all sizes, from Medicare to lower-level projects that involve workshops to educate people about Medicare programs. Vision, forethought and planning are all needed to successfully manage projects and programs.

Fiscal Management

Fiscal management is an essential objective. In order to run government or nonprofit organizations, public administrators must have the knowledge to use their financial resources in the most efficient way possible.

Grant Writing

Government entities and nonprofit organizations alike often require the assistance of grant funds to support projects and programs. Because competition is fierce for most grants, a public administrator should be adept at writing a grant proposal that expresses a need, a plan for the program or project as well her ability to successfully manage the grant funds.


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