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Types of Writing Jobs

Growth Trends for Related Jobs

Writing is one of the most essential skills in any workplace, but there are specific jobs that completely revolve around writing. This is a good thing for writers who want to branch out and try their hand in different fields, from creative work to business content. Another positive feature of writing as a career is that it can be done as a full-time, part-time or side gig.


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Journalism is the practice of reporting events—whether hard news, features or art articles. Journalists typically write stories for newspapers, magazines and news websites. Broadcast journalists may work for television or radio by writing and reporting the news. Journalists write stories ranging from breaking news and legal events to human interest pieces about trends, society and opinions, to travel and leisure articles. However, a journalist's topics are ever-changing as society grows and changes. The traits most common among journalists are a natural curiosity for the world around them, the desire to provide in-depth coverage of issues and the sense of satisfaction from informing the public.

Novelists and Poets

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Creative writers are individuals who earn money by writing creative content. This may include, but is not limited to, fiction, poetry and creative nonfiction. These authors write novels, stories, poems or informative nonfiction books that people read for pleasure and enlightenment.

According to Writing World, not many novelists, poets or nonfiction writers earn a salary simply from writing books; usually, writers supplement their creative writing with another job.


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Copywriters are focus on writing that markets or sells a product. The skilled copywriter's text will drive a reader to purchase or invest time in something. Many copywriters work on a freelance basis and some do not receive bylines. Writing anonymously is known as ghostwriting. Copywriters may work with businesses, advertising agencies, public relations offices and other companies.

Grant Writers

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Grant writers write copy specifically designed to obtain grants for companies. They write grant applications that the company can send to governmental or private institutions. The goal is to attain funding, so their copy has to be clear, clean and convincing. Grant writers often need to understand legal and business jargon.

Game, Screen and Play Writers

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Screenwriters write scripts for film and television, while playwrights write for theater and stage. They may sell their screenplay or play to a movie studio or theater company. Game writers write video game plots and characters and work with game developers during game production. Writers of these genres often go to special schools to learn how to format these kinds of scripts.


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Speechwriters are important to companies and politicians, among others. They write major speeches that are read or spoken to audiences. They often work directly with a political party or corporation where they gain an understanding of the business principles and ideas of those specific entities.