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Careers That Combine Art and Writing

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If your expertise, education and passion for the creative process is split between the world of art and the craft of writing, there are a number of career paths that you can explore which will allow you to not only dabble in both fields and meet interesting people but also draw a competitive salary.

Art Critic

Use your skill with the pen to provide informed and comparative analysis, background and interpretation of permanent and traveling exhibits at regional art galleries.

Gallery or Museum Management

The success of an art gallery or museum depends on its staff's ability to write compelling promotional brochures, pamphlets, press releases, descriptions of new acquisitions, catalogs and donor appeal letters.

Author, Editor or Publisher

Interview regional artists, pen biographies of artists, conduct interviews for publication, edit the work of contributors to arts magazines or design coffee table books on different aspects of the arts and art history in general.


Teaching students of all ages about art requires the ongoing preparation of lesson plans, test questions and written evaluations.


Typical duties include annual reports, developing media materials for fundraising campaigns, writing scripts for public service announcements, writing or editing membership newsletters and preparing speeches.

PR Firms

Expertise in photography and graphic design go hand in hand with excellent writing skills in the creation of magazine layouts, copywriting, brochures, mailers and advertising displays.

Web Design

A professional web designer is responsible for the design and placement of images and the development of supplemental text.


Ghostwriter and film consultant Christina Hamlett has written professionally since 1970. Her credits include many books, plays, optioned features, articles and interviews. Publishers include HarperCollins, Michael Wiese Productions, "PLAYS," "Writer's Digest" and "The Writer." She holds a B.A. in communications (emphasis on audience analysis and message design) from California State University, Sacramento. She also travels extensively and is a gourmet chef.

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