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High-Paying Jobs for People Who Like to Read & Write

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While there are many jobs that utilize reading and writing skills, high-paying careers that meet these criteria result in a very short list. According to May 2012 salary data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the mean annual wage in the U.S. is $45,790. Therefore, a high-paying job should have a salary that is substantially higher than the national average. Fortunately, there are jobs that combine reading, writing and lucrative salaries.


With an annual mean wage of $130,880, according to May 2012 salary data from the BLS, lawyers are among the highest-paid professionals who read and write extensively. These legal eagles read law books and other documents, and they sort through and analyze large amounts of research to find applicable laws, regulations and rulings. They also write such legal documents as wills, lawsuits, contracts and appeals. The educational requirement for lawyers is graduation from law school with a doctorate of law degree.

Political Scientists

Scientists also enjoy a high level of reading and writing, especially political scientists, who earn an annual mean wage of $104,600, reports the BLS. Political scientists read large numbers of historical documents and policy decisions as they explore and critically analyze data to predict and develop theories regarding political, social and economic trends. They also write reports that detail their theories and analyze existing policies. Political scientists need a doctoral degree in political science, public administration or a related area.

College Professors

The salary for college professors or postsecondary teachers varies greatly depending on the subject area. For example, law professors earn an annual mean wage of $115,550, while those who teach health specialties, such as dentistry, pharmacy and medicine, earn $100,370. Others on the higher end of the salary spectrum include engineering, economics and physics teachers, who earn $100,000, $97,770 and $88,470, respectively. College professors write course outlines, student assignments and tests, and they also read and grade papers and exams. In addition, they conduct research and publish papers and books. The educational requirement for college professors is usually a doctorate in the subject area.

Public Relations Managers

Public relations managers earn a substantial average salary of $108,260, reports the BLS. These media professionals read and research developments, trends, and other factors that may affect their clients and then craft information designed to emphasize the organizations' positive traits. Public relations managers write press releases, speeches, interview questions and other promotional material, and they also write content for public relations and fundraising campaigns. The importance of reading and writing is reflected in the educational requirement for this profession, which includes a bachelor’s degree in communications, journalism or public relations.


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