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Job Corps Program Income Requirements

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The Job Corps is a program that was established as a way to help disadvantaged youth, age 16 to 24, in the United States. The training programs in the Job Corps are designed to help young people advance in viable career paths, with more than 100 career choices. The Job Corps program is available only to people who meet the entry requirements. Program participants must be legal citizens of the United States or have the ability to work in the country as a parolee, a U.S. national, a permanent resident alien, a refugee, an asylum seeker or any other type of alien who has been given legal authorization to live and work in the United States. Disabled individuals may be allowed to enter the Job Corps program after the age of 24 on a discretionary basis.

Basic Income Requirements

All Job Corps participants must qualify as "low income." The Job Corps sets a specific income amount that qualifies as low income, and the amount is different for each state. At the time of application to the Job Corps, applicants will have their income and living situation analyzed by a counselor, who will then determine if they meet the low-income requirements. These income requirements are not purely financial.

Low-Income Qualifications

Even if income level is low, applicants to the Job Corps must still meet at least one other qualification. To qualify for low income, applicants must have received public assistance (or been eligible to do so) in the previous six months; been a foster child; been disabled; been homeless; or have met the earned income requirement (poverty level income, as defined by U.S. Department of Health and Human Services guidelines).

Income Adjustments

While a Job Corps applicant may not initially meet the low-income requirements, certain adjustments may bring the income level down to the range of eligibility. For example, the living situation of the applicant may qualify for an income adjustment in cases where the applicant supports a family. Job Corps counselors will analyze the amount of income required to support the applicant's family to determine if the income level qualifies as being low enough to enter the program.

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