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How Old Do You Have to Be to Join Job Corps?

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Individuals interested in attending a Job Corps educational program can acquire training in certain vocational careers and obtain their G.E.D.s or high school diplomas. Job Corp centers are conveniently located in various states, and students can reside in campus housing or commute to school. The Job Corps program strives to educate their students and help qualify the students for jobs.

Program Attributes

Job Corps is a training program for individuals between the ages of 16 to 24 years old. Also, individuals over 24 years of age who have certain disabilities may be accepted into the program. It is a federally funded program, so the cost of education is free for individuals who qualify. Enrollment into the program is based on age, income level and U.S. resident status. The income level of a prospective applicant must not exceed a certain amount, and U.S. citizens and legal residents qualify for the program. There are a 122 Job Corp centers nationwide, and eligible applicants are recommended to attend the center closest to their homes.

G.E.D. Training

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Students who meet the requirements to attend a Job Corps program have the opportunity to obtain their G.E.D.s. Typically, students within a certain age group who are eligible to attend high school can acquire their high school diplomas with Job Corps. Older students who do not meet the age requirement to attend high school can utilize the Job Corps program to acquire G.E.D. training and pass the G.E.D. examination.

Vocational Training

Students can choose to acquire vocational trades through Job Corps educational programs while focusing on obtaining their G.E.D. training. Alternatively, some students can attend the program for the sole purpose of completing a vocational training program if they meet the age requirements.


In addition to educational programs, Job Corps also has extracurricular activities for students. The specific activities offered varies from one Job Corp center to another. However, the activities may include sports activities, exercise classes, field trips and holiday parties. Students attend full day classes beginning in the morning, and the classes switch between academics and vocational training.


Applicants who are interested in joining a Job Corps program can contact the specific centers directly or contact the Job Corps toll free number to be connected to an admissions counselor.


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