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What Are the Duties of a Construction Foreman?

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A construction foreman is responsible for supervising the workers and also doing actual construction work. Workers on a construction site sometimes advance to foreman after gaining seniority and expertise. A college education is not necessary for the foreman's job, but you typically need five or more years of experience.

Assigning Jobs

The construction foreman places employees in specific tasks to ensure the efficient completion of the project. A foreman must be able to evaluate employees and determine how each employee can best contribute to the job. The foreman needs the ability to read blueprints and knowledge of building codes to ensure that the project is completed correctly.

Scheduling Employees

The foreman determines the schedule on a construction site -- for example, when employees report for work, take breaks and quit for the day. When a job runs behind schedule, the foreman or supervisor selects employees to work overtime until the job is back on track.

Supervising Workers

The foreman monitors employees to ensure that the work is done efficiently and within quality standards. If a change in assignments is necessary, the foreman makes the changes to ensure that the work is completed on time.

Performing Construction Duties

A construction foreman usually works alongside employees on the job site. The foreman must be know all the jobs on the site and be capable of filling in as necessary. Competence in all skills also enables the foreman to evaluate the other employees' work accurately.

Reporting Progress

The foreman reports back to the clients or managers of the construction company. A foreman may report on the progress of the job, the estimated time to completion and employee evaluations.

Choosing Materials

The construction foreman is responsible for ordering materials for each construction job on the site.