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Limo Driver Requirements in Tennessee

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Drivers of vehicles like taxis and limousines operate under a Class D driver's license, the regular license for passenger vehicles, in Tennessee. While not always required by law, according to the Tennessee Department of Safety, limo drivers are also encouraged to get the "F" endorsement, also called the "For-Hire" endorsement. Some employers require the endorsement for insurance and safety reasons. Most limousines do not hold more than 15 people, but if yours will, you will be required to get a commercial driver's license instead of the Class D license.


Applicants for the For-Hire endorsement must be 18 years old (or 16 if driving for the family business) and have a driving record that has been clean for the past two years. According to the Tennessee Department of Safety, there should also be no question about the driver's "character, competency and fitness" for the job.


Getting the For-Hire endorsement requires you to pass a knowledge test and a vision screening. The test costs $4.50, as of June 2010. You can study for the test by obtaining a Tennessee Driver Handbook.

What to Bring

You will need the following documents when you apply for your For-Hire endorsement: Social Security number, two proofs of identification, proof of U.S. citizenship, proof of any name changes and two proofs of Tennessee residency.


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