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Georgia Tow Truck Driving Requirements

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No average person with a driver's license can become a tow truck driver. Every state requires tow truck drivers to gain certain licenses and certifications before they attach the first hook to an improperly parked car. Georgia is no exception, so potential tow truck drivers in this Southern state should understand what is required of them.

Commercial Driver's License

According to CDL Course, a CDL is a Commercial Drivers License. It is required to drive certain vehicles in Georgia including tow trucks. The CDL test is taken in the vehicle for which a person will be licensed and includes testing on pre-trip vehicle inspection, basic vehicle control and on-road tests. These tests are primarily designed to be sure a person knows how to properly operate a vehicle and, more importantly, operate a vehicle in a safe manner.

CDL Requirements

To gain a CDL, CDL Course says a person must be 21-years-old, although in Georgia a person can get a CDL at 18-years-old if all commercial driving is done in Georgia and no hazardous materials are being transported. A person must also take and pass all Georgia examinations that apply to the license. Other prerequisites include showing a valid Georgia driver's license and proof of a social security number.

Final Requirements

Once a person gains their CDL and finds a job as a tow truck driver, a few more requirements need to be fulfilled. According to Tow Truck Driver Jobs, a person must pass the Department of Transportation's physical and drug screening exam before being allowed to operate a tow truck. This includes an eye exam and other tests that study physical factors that influence driving. Tow truck drivers will have contracts that require them to abstain from using illegal drugs during employment and employees must pass criminal and traffic-related violations background checks.


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