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Letter of Interest for a Promotion

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If you’ve been working at a company for awhile and feel like it’s time to move up the ladder, it may be time to take action. Whether a higher level position you’re interested in has opened up or you would like one to be created, writing a letter of interest for a promotion is a professional way to show your initiative. Writing a letter to your boss or another company supervisor in charge of the position shows you’re very serious about moving up.

Explain Motivation

Describe your reasoning for wanting to be promoted to a higher position. Mention the number of years you’ve been at the company and how much you enjoy working there. Explain that you’re in a place where you feel ready to take your career to the next level. Explain that the company is the ideal place for you to continue growing your career.

Describe Qualifications

Explain the reasons you’re qualified for the position. Mention any relevant skills, strengths and achievements you have that make you a competitive candidate. Use specific examples related to the requirements listed in the job. Provide instances of any important contributions you’ve made to the company and how this has positively impacted the organization. For example, if you’re trying to get a promotion to a sales manager position, mention you were the top salesperson in the eastern territory last year. It can be helpful to organize this information in bullet points so it's easier to read.

Professional References

Include a few professional references in your letter. These people can be colleagues, clients or both. Ask permission first before using these people as references. Providing professional references shows the hiring manager that you’re a serious contender with the ability to back your qualifications.

Ending Call to Action

At the end of the letter, thank the hiring manager for taking the time to read your application. Suggest a time to meet in person to discuss your qualifications for the job. Include your contact information so she can easily reach you.

Issues to Avoid

A letter of interest should be written in a professional tone. Use the space to promote yourself as a hardworking, dedicated employee worthy of a promotion, not to demand one. Only skills and achievements specific to the new position should be mentioned -- anything else is irrelevant. Never give the hiring manager an ultimatum that you’ll quit your job if you aren’t promoted; behavior of that nature is unprofessional.