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Leadership Teambuilding Activities

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Team-building activities can help your business’ leaders to both bond as a team and to build their individual leadership and management skills. The best type of leadership team-building activity is fun and useful, which is why games are so popular at team-building events. In addition to inexpensive pre-packaged games, there are games that require equipment you can find at home. Others use no equipment at all.


Although Jishaku is ideal for wearing kids out, it can also help business leaders to learn how to both expect and deal with the unpredictable. Put your leaders into teams of two or three and watch as each team plays the chess-like game by strategically placing its playing pieces on a portable game board. The object of the game is to keep the magnetic pieces from jumping across the board and connecting with one another. If your magnets connect, you add them to your pile of playing pieces, with the winner being the first team to get rid of its pile.

Garden Jenga

Anyone in your company who likes board games on a big scale will appreciate this giant-sized version of the popular skill game. Unlike regular Jenga, however, this game is usually played in teams, not only fostering an appreciation of teamwork, but also promoting the skills that enable teams to stick together under pressure. The teams take turns to remove blocks from the wooden tower’s lower levels and use them to build the structure as high as they can. When a team’s move makes the tower come crashing down, the team is eliminated, the tower is rebuilt and the remaining teams start again. The last team standing wins.

Birthday Line Up

Birthday Line Up will not only help your organization’s leaders to work on their communication skills but will also help you to find out when their birthdays are. In this nonverbal activity, the participants must line up according to birthdays, from January to December. The earliest birthdays in the year head up the line while the Christmas and New Year’s Eve babies bring up the rear. The players must form the line without speaking, lip-reading, writing with their fingers or singing. Once the line is complete, each person shouts out his birthday and you get to see how accurate the line is.

Magic Carpet Ride

Even if you're not organizing the overall team-building event, you can still be proactive and helpful by suggesting activities or providing the equipment for one. One activity that's easy to explain and find the materials for is Magic Carpet Ride. All you need to bring with you is a large bed sheet or plastic tablecloth. Lay the sheet on the ground, making sure it's completely flat. The sheet is now a magic carpet. Ask everyone to stand on the carpet and get them to turn it over without touching the ground. By working out how to do this, participants get to practice thinking both collaboratively and creatively about a problem.