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Jobs for People With Arthritis

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Pain is difficult to cope with no matter its origin. Arthritis pain can be particularly debilitating because it is chronic and often impossible to eliminate completely. Arthritis can be the result of degeneration from osteoporosis, rheumatoid arthritis or a related condition. RA can cause pain and fatigue which may have you considering a change in job, filing for disability or simply retiring. Fortunately, many jobs exist that do not unduly strain the joints and are suited to arthritis sufferers. These jobs can provide you with an outlet to enjoy a fruitful career for many years to come.

Administrative Assistant

Administrative assistants have a wide range of pay depending on the level of responsibility within an organization. Basic requirements include computer skills, English grammar knowledge and a high school diploma. As an administrative assistant, you would have plenty of flexibility to structure your day performing tasks that included typing, customer service, and data management. The average median pay of administrative assistants as of May 2010 was $34,660.


Accounting is also a good profession for you if you suffer from arthritis. An accountant may work long hours, but you can also work part time. To work as an accountant, you will need a bachelor degree in accounting or a related financial field. If you do not have a background in accounting you may find a job working as a bookkeeper in an accounting office, or work as an accounts receivable or payable clerk to gain valuable experience. The median annual wage of accountants and auditors as of May 2010 was $61,690.

Freelance Writer/Editor

Many people assume that arthritis will prevent someone from writing, but this is not always the case. While rheumatoid arthritis may affect the hands, often freelance writers and editors can adapt a schedule to meet personal needs. If you set your own schedule, you can accommodate your doctor’s appointments, and work with your doctor to set up an ergonomic work station. The salaries of writers and editors can vary tremendously You may make as much as $20 to $30 per hour depending on your schedule and assignment load.


Many people decide to go into consulting following a lucrative career in the corporate world. If you have the skills, consider starting your own business. You may work as an independent contractor or you may decide to set up shop as a Limited Liability Company or other corporate structure. Starting your own business working as a consultant can allow you the greatest flexibility working around your doctor's appointments, and keep you active in your passions, talents and abilities.


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