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Types of Assistant Jobs

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Jobs as an assistant are often good, entry-level jobs that provide experience in a number of businesses and industries. By taking a job as an assistant, you can gain valuable insights and experience that can help you decide if a particular career path is right for you.

Personal Assistant

Personal assistants help an individual with a range of things. A personal assistant may be responsible for scheduling meetings and appearances for celebrities or may work as a concierge in a hotel helping people find products and services.

Certified Medical Assistant

Certified medical assistants help doctors and nurses perform routine tasks related to medical care. Certified medical assistants include phlebotomists (people who draw blood), billing assistants, radiology assistants or even pharmacy assistants. Certified medical assistants can continue studying to enter higher fields, such as nursing.

Laboratory Research Assistants

Laboratory research assistants help research scientists and labs set up and perform experiments. Often the research assistant will monitor an experiment that takes a long time to complete. Research assistants may be required to have some college course work or a degree in the field being studied.

Photographer's Assistant

A photographer's assistant helps a photographer set up and execute photo shoots. Often, photographer's assistants will be required to have education or experience in a particular field of photography. In other cases, someone with experience in one area of photography can assist a photographer with a different expertise to learn new techniques as part of the job of assisting.

Legal Assistant

Legal assistants help attorneys to prepare cases for court. Because of the amount of documentation, legal assistants may be required to keep track of large amounts of paperwork and data. Someone working as a legal assistant can often become certified as a paralegal.

Veterinary Assistant

People interested in working with animal health care may do well to start out working as a veterinary assistant. Veterinary assistants learn about the care of animals and how to recognize various animal diseases. A job as a veterinary assistant is a good starting point for someone wanting to become a veterinarian.


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