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Job Objectives for Entry-Level Finance

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Employers understand that the reason you are applying for a position is because you want a job. They don’t need an objective statement to tell them that, and you could even reduce your chances of landing an entry-level job in finance with a poorly written objective that only lists your needs and wants. Instead, freshen up your objective and use it to target each job with specific branding statements about your qualifications.

Target Employer’s Needs

An objective should tell employers what you bring to the table for their benefit, not yours. Tailor each resume you send to each specific employer, and include the name of the company in the one- or two-sentence objective statement at the top of your resume. Phrases such as increase profitability, stabilize accounting systems and provide exceptional customer service are employer needs you can satisfy succinctly in the objective.

Capture Your Essence

Use the objective statement as a means to briefly summarize your talents and the qualifications you bring to the company for its benefit. A branding statement as an objective can serve as an incentive for the recruiter to read on and preview your complete resume. Highlight your strong points when describing yourself and use language such as highly organized, superior sales abilities, consistent customer-service qualities and strong analytical skills.

Include Credentials and Licenses

Many financial occupations, such as financial analysts and advisers, must have a state license to practice. Other jobs require an advanced degree or other specialized training. Let the recruiter know in the objective statement that you have the requisite credentials to fill the slot. Licensed broker, recent Master of Business Administration graduate, certified financial planner, CPA or licensed financial analyst are appropriate tags to add to your identity statement in the objective. By covering the basics in the opening statement, you relieve the recruiter from having to look through your resume to determine whether you are even qualified for the job.

Illustrate Commitment

Recruiting, hiring and training are expensive processes for companies, so expressing a goal of long-term employment could put your resume ahead of the pack. Use the objective to briefly acknowledge your desire to grow with the company. For example, while you are applying for an entry-level position, mention your desire for eventual management-level work.