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Interview Etiquette Tips

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Many dynamics are at play during an interview. Employers are not only judging your accomplishments, skills and qualifications for jobs, but also your appearance, demeanor and social skills. If you want to ensure the best interview results, learn some key interview etiquette tips. Practice using these techniques with a spouse or friend before the big day.

Be Prepared

An important part of interviewing etiquette is being prepared for the interview. Research the company in which you are interviewing. Visit the employer's web site and make note of some major facts about it -- when it was established, names of executives, number of employees, products and services and annual revenue. Search for online articles about the company. Review your resume so you can discuss every aspect of your career. One of your main objectives during an interview is matching your skills and accomplishments to the job. The more you know about the company -- and remember about past job experiences -- the better your chance of making those connections.

Dress Appropriately

Dress appropriately for your interview. Appropriate interview attire for men are suits and ties, while women should wear pant suits or a skirt and jacket combination. If you're a man, get a haircut before your interview and clip your fingernails. A conservative haircut is one with the hair cropped just above the ears and off the collar. Women can go with their usual hairstyle, but keep it neat. Some options include down and straight, a bun or a low ponytail, according to "Glamour."

Be on Time

Arrive at your interview about 10 or 15 minutes early. This gives you time to park and find your interview location. You might also have to fill out an application before your interview, so employers usually prefer that you arrive early. Avoid arriving too early, as this tends to make interviewers uncomfortable, according to The Ladders website. The 10- to-15-minute window makes you both punctual and appropriate in the eyes of the interviewer.

Master the Greeting

Greet the interviewer with a firm handshake, smile and say, "It is nice to meet you," or something similar. Wait for interviewers to offer their hands first, and match the firmness of their grips. The exception is when someone uses a loose grip. In that situation, avoid crushing the person's hand by easing up a bit.

Sit up Straight

Human resources or hiring managers will usually walk you to their offices when interviews commence. Wait until they invite you to sit before you do. During the interview, sit up straight and maintain eye contact. Body language speaks volumes during interviews. A hiring manager may construe you as lazy and uninterested in the job if you slouch. Be confident and answer all questions directly.