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What Is a Front-End Developer?

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If you've ever admired how well a website functions or feels, you were probably admiring the work of a front-end developer. Front-end developers are information technology professionals who aim to build and maintain user-friendly webpages.

What Front-End Developers Do

Front-end developers focus on front-end characteristics that affect website users' experiences, such as page structure, page style, usability and overall website performance. Front-end developers add components such as animation and shopping carts to websites, and they program websites to function with different browsers and on different devices. Ultimately, the front-end developer's job is to ensure a website is visually appealing and functions as intended.

What's Required for a Job Well Done

Front-end developers need a strong understanding of current Internet trends and technology. They need design, programming and coding skills, as well as knowledge of web development languages, such as HTML and Javascript. Since front-end developers are usually working to build or tweak websites for clients or employers that have less technical expertise, good customer service and communication skills are also required.