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Maintenance Planner/Scheduler Duties

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When it comes to the maintenance of facilities, maintenance planners/schedulers manage all repair and preventative activities. The maintenance planner/scheduler mainly uses a computer operating a computerized maintenance management system (CMMS) to handle most of his job functions. With cooperation of personnel from all departments, the maintenance planner/scheduler can effectively keep facility equipment and machinery at optimal performance.

Maintenance Reporting

The maintenance planner develops special reports concerning the maintenance activities along with the standard periodic reports from gathered data. By using the computer system, the maintenance planner/scheduler also prepares the weekly schedules and any backlog reports given to the maintenance supervisors. The maintenance planner/scheduler also decides upon the report formats that are appropriate in detailing the analytical data regarding maintenance upkeep.

Equipment Handling

The maintenance planner/scheduler oversees the tracking of all equipment documentation whenever work is performed, including spare parts reporting. The maintenance planner/scheduler also oversees all equipment installation, modification and removal from the facilities. Other job functions may include creating technical specifications, so that outside maintenance personnel may understand how to service the equipment.

Maintenance Schedule

Maintenance planner/schedulers evaluate the required repair work on machinery and create the maintenance schedule for when the work will be done. The maintenance planner/scheduler decides on which personnel would be appropriate to handle the job and supplies the workers with the necessary instruction manuals and materials to install and repair the machinery. The maintenance planner/scheduler also manages the work schedule times for maintenance.

Warehouse Activities

Warehouse storage is a concern for the maintenance planner/scheduler. The maintenance planner/scheduler produces plans on the proper storage of equipment and supplies for easy and fast retrieval during emergency situations. Inventory levels are also reviewed, as the maintenance planner/scheduler recommends the appropriate inventory level based on the type of equipment, how often it is used and the frequency of repairs.