What to List Under Leadership Skills on a Resume

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Leadership skills are an important asset to list on a resume. In addition to work experience, employers want to know the other skills a potential employee can bring to the table. In a competitive job market, finding ways to make yourself stand out above others is essential and a list of examples of leadership skills can be just the thing to tip the scales in your favor.


Although prior management positions will be referred to under employment history, here is the opportunity to expound on the leadership skills utilized in those positions. Perhaps you led a special project or your team was recognized for exceeding goals. Recall the times you shined while in a management role, and briefly describe the circumstances. Leadership qualities include the ability to communicate effectively, solve problems efficiently and motivate team members to achieve excellence. Provide examples of your successes when using these skills.


Volunteer work provides many opportunities to display leadership skills. List any organizations in which you volunteered your time and skills. Highlight any positions you held within those organizations, such as board member, project leader or group organizer. Did you organize the annual blood drive at your office? Did you gather a team to represent your company in a local charity walk or run? These are examples that might seem insignificant at the time but are prime examples of the ability to motivate, coordinate and communicate effectively.


If you do not have prior work experience to demonstrate leadership skills, utilize experience from extracurricular activities. Were you the captain of the soccer team? Did you hold a leadership position in your sorority or fraternity? Did you organize the production of the school newspaper or yearbook? Think of the work you accomplished on any teams or as a club or staff member. Consider your work in nonacademic organizations, such as scouts, when looking for examples of your leadership skills.

Personality Traits

If you come up short in finding concrete examples of times when you demonstrated leadership skills, use this section to expound on the leadership traits you feel you possess. Employers want to know what potential can be developed if they hire you. Discuss your communication style, how you can motivate people, why you consider yourself a team player and ways you can lead others to excel at the company. Be prepared to provide examples should you be granted an interview.