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The Advantages of Becoming a Professional Dancer

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Dancing is an exhilarating career for those with flexibility, grace, and the desire to express ideas and stories in a rhymes atmosphere. Most major cities have dance companies with professional dancers. In cities such as New York and Los Angeles, dancers also perform on television shows, music videos, commercials, and musicals. For those willing to put in the time and dedication, there are many advantages to becoming a professional dancer.

No Set Work Schedule

A dancer’s life is no 9 to 5 job. Some days you may work just three or four hours, and others you will be dancing until the late hours. Your schedule will depend on the type of job you have booked. In between set gigs, you will also be working by attending auditions, as well as participating in workshops to continue learning new dances techniques.

Stay In Shape

In order to be a successful dancer, your body must be in superb shape. Alternate between different dance styles and stretching routines to tone muscles in all areas of the body. This will keep your body flexible to avoid pulling or spraining joints and muscles. Changing up your routine will also keep it from becoming monotonous, and open you up to new choreographic styles, as well. Being able to workout as a part of your profession will benefit your health even after you retire from the field.

Travel Opportunities

Travel is one of the top perks of dance field. Travel allows you to see new places, experience new foods and cultures, and meet interesting new people. Many dance troupes get the chance to travel around the U.S. and even internationally if they are part of a company. Food and lodging are typically covered, so you won’t need to cover these sorts of expenses.

Work for Yourself

Being a dancer is largely a freelance job, since many dancers work for several companies on a part-time basis. This means that you work when you want to work, and you can take a break when you need to, provided you have the resources to do so. If you prefer to receive a steady paycheck, opening up your own dance studio may be the right path. You can choose the dance style you want to teach, be it ballet, tap, jazz, modern, or even ballroom or hip-hop. You will also be able to select the hours of operation and the method for enrolling students. Opening your own studio will also give you the chance to choreograph your own dance routines and pass the art form down to others to enjoy.


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