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Accident Investigation Checklist

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By definition an accident is “an unforeseen and unplanned event or circumstance.” An accident in the workplace can disrupt the daily functions of the business. When an accident happens, it is important to find out why it happened and seek ways to prevent any further incidents. An accident investigation will find out the reason behind an accident and determine whether an employee was negligent.


Make a list of who was involved in the accident and any witnesses. Look into the qualifications of the employee and ensure he was qualified to do the task and use the equipment. Document any injuries to employees or damage to company equipment.


During your investigation, determine what happened to cause the accident. Find out what was happening at the time of the accident through witness statements, and photograph the area for reference. Describe the accident in as few words as you can, presenting only the facts relevant to the accident and your investigation.


Document when the accident happened. Include the day, date and time. Note if the accident occurred during a shift change or when someone was on break.


Document exactly where the accident happened. Draw a map of the area and mark down where the accident happened and where each person was located. Make notes of anything that was in the area, including furniture, any spills or items that were not supposed to be there.

How and Why

Determine how and why the accident happened by looking over the evidence collected and reviewing witness statements. Determine whether the accident could have been prevented, and if so, note how it could have been prevented. Find out whether the proper tools were being used and proper protocol was being followed at the time of the accident. Also make note of any weather conditions that may have affected the cause of the accident.



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