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What Are the Job Requirements for Starbucks?

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At Starbucks, you are there not only to serve beverages, but to provide an overall excellent experience to customers. Your job has many requirements, but all of them will center around serving people and having the proper attitude. You should be dependable and trustworthy, and have the desire to do excellent work. Taking initiative, working with team members and having a good attitude will make you a successful employee.


Being friendly and enthusiastic are essential job requirements for working at Starbucks. Being friendly and always accommodating to customers is your top priority. Welcoming customers in, helping them make choices and suggesting appropriate products are all part of the job. You are the face of the company and you will want to leave a good impression. That is why always fulfilling requests and connecting with costumers with proper greetings are necessary for the job.


The quality of the product should be very important to employees. Being able to properly prepare all beverages to the appropriate standard and also taking the initiative of learning all the operations of the job are required. Learning and following the health and safety guidelines will be among the first tasks you have. You should be able to work as part of the team to provide excellent quality and costumer service. Physically, you should be able to consistently work in the fast-paced environment, always standing or moving around in the bar area.


One job requirement for Starbucks, and any other service job, is maintaining the quality of store operations. You should know the procedures and operations for each workstation and be aware of all employee policies regarding operations. Also, you need to be able to keep proper care of stocking merchandise and store maintenance and cleaning. Above all, you are responsible for making the establishment look professional, providing a clean environment and maintaining good communication with customers.


You need to be trustworthy to work at Starbucks. You may be required to handle the cash register, and your employer needs to know that you can follow the proper procedures and policies when doing so. You are responsible for helping the store make a profit and increasing sales. You will contribute to this by properly following the procedures and guidelines for daily restocking and recording of inventory. Trust also means that you can be depended on to show up regularly and on time.


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