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What Types of Jobs Will a Bachelor's Degree of General Studies Qualify Me For?

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A student who earns a general studies bachelor's degree will have taken a wide variety of liberal arts, social sciences, natural sciences and applied science courses. Students who major in general studies receive a broad-based interdisciplinary education that can prepare them for graduate work or entry-level jobs in a number of fields. While some students will lean toward a certain field, concentrating their electives in business or science classes, for example, others receive a truly general education.


A general studies degree prepares you for many management roles, including office manager, retail store manager or a management trainee in a larger corporation. General management jobs require skills acquired outside the classroom, such as the ability to work well with others, but they also require skills acquired in classes generally taken as part of a general studies degree, such as English and math. Business courses, such as management, marketing and accounting, can be included as electives in your general studies program if you know while you're still in school that you would like to pursue a career in management.


Sales jobs require the ability to communicate effectively and relate well with people. Students with the diverse background provided by a general studies degree will be prepared for sales jobs in a number of different fields. Employers know that successful sales people need to be flexible, and the wide variety of courses taken as part of the general studies degree demonstrates a student's flexibility.


Since general studies students have taken college courses in many disciplines, they are able to teach a variety of subjects to elementary and high school students. This broad background makes them valuable to school districts, as they can fill a number of roles. Depending on the individual state a graduate wants to teach in, however, he may need to fulfill additional requirements, such as earning a master's degree, before he can get a permanent teaching license.

Human Services

Social work and human services jobs require people who are interested in helping other people and have the flexibility, adaptability and background to deal with ever changing situations. The interdisciplinary background provided by a general studies degree can prepare students well to work in human services. While career progression in social work may require an advanced degree, a general studies degree will enable a graduate to get their start in the field.


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