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General Labor Definition

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If you are considering a career in general labor, it is important to understand what general labor is and what kinds of tasks you will be expected to perform as a general laborer.

Type of Work

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General labor involves a wide variety of non-skilled tasks such as cleaning, sweeping, lifting and moving. General labor is performed with basic tools such as brooms, shovels and other tools that do not require training. Work will generally be performed outdoors but may include some work indoors or inside of vehicles.

Work Area

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According to Career Planner, general laborers work in the transportation industry. Generally they work in and around truck docking areas and perform cleaning work in that environment. General laborers may also perform cleaning work inside of trucks as needed.


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General labor is an unskilled profession. General laborers do not usually require any special skill sets, but they will likely be expected to be reasonably fit and capable of performing physical work.


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