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What Is the Difference Between an MBA and an MSM Degree?

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MBA stands for Masters in Business Administration, whereas MSM stands for Masters of Science in Management. The MSM degree spans for a year. In contrast the MBA degree runs for two years.

MSM and MBA Admission Requirements

The MSM degree is specifically designed for first-time university students. Admission to the MSM program does not require previous job experience. On the other hand, MBA admission requirements demand extensive job experience with considerable conference attendances, research and publication record.

MSM Course Curriculum

MSM degrees are general in nature with a workload of 20 hours in a specific management area. MSM students choose their area of specialization after consultation with their advisor. The aim of the MSM degree is to equip a student with practical working knowlege and skills to enter and establish a foothold in the workplace. Generally, students acquire the MSM degree immediately after high school and then start working. After gaining experience, they enroll can a MBA degree.

MBA degree

MBA degrees can be general and specific in nature. You can either enroll for MBA General, which means that you study about various management, leadership, marketing and personnel management theories in general. You also have the option of enrolling in a specialized MBA program, such as finance, marketing, human resources or international management.

The Differences

MSM degrees provide you the foundation to get started in your career, and MBA degrees will propel you forward in your career. In short, if you want to get ahead in your career and climb the corporate ladder, you should do MBA.

The Advantages

An MSM degree will get you middle-management jobs in various fields of business, such as sales, retail, marketing, manufacturing and personnel. An MBA degree will do the same, but instead of being at the middle-management level you enter directly in the senior managerial level.

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