The Best Jobs for Older People

Growth Trends for Related Jobs

The 21st century has seen a radical shift in the concept of retirement. With more retirees looking for ways to maintain earning power, many are seeking part-time work. For older people, there are many part time jobs that fit their needs and skills. Many of these jobs are in the retail and service sectors.


Retail is a popular job for older people. Retail workers usually have flexible schedules and usually do not have to perform any strenuous physical activity. Working in bookstores, restaurants or grocery stores allows older people to socialize with other people, something that may otherwise be lacking in their lives.

Front-Line Management

Front-line management involves supervising employees directly. Front-line managers include retail supervisors, call center monitors, and restaurant managers. Front-line management is perfect for older people, because the job calls for maturity and judiciousness. Front-line management jobs sometimes permit a part-time schedule.

Delivery Driving

Delivery driving includes everything from pizza delivery to freight-truck driving. Delivery driving is a solitary activity that gives operators a lot of freedom and space. Many truck drivers work as self-employed contractors, similar to taxi drivers.

Real Estate

Real estate is a perfect field for elderly people with many relationships. It is common for elderly people to be pillars of their community and have contacts who are lawyers, homeowners, developers and landlords. This sort of elderly person can make a great realty agent, facilitating transactions between people who might have otherwise not known what was on the market.

Franchise Ownership

Franchise ownership is an investment as well as a job. Franchise owners operate a local venture under a national or regional license. Since franchises often have substantial name recognition, very little effort needs to be put into marketing or promoting the business, allowing opportunities to focus on running the business and talking to customers.

Personal Care and Health Care

Many retired persons work in fields related to health care, child care and home care. A large number of elderly people work as day-care caregivers, private home-care workers and respite workers. These jobs give elderly people the opportunity to form close relationships with clients, which is especially important for people whose spouses are deceased or whose children don't live nearby.